This Project has been made for personal use only and can or will not be sold in any shape or form. It does not stand in any commercial connection to the game "Axis and Allies 1942 spring" version published by Avalon Hill. Regardless of that, I hope you guys still enjoy it.

Main Map - The main map used for unit placement and strategic movement.

Map Close-Ups - Some of the close-up shots of the game's main map.

Combat Board - This board resembles the line of combat between player's units.

National Technology Board's - These five boards are player specific and represent each player's technological advancements.

Rulebook - A complete redesign of the german translated Rulebook.

Card-Deck - A deck of cards used for shortened rules and oil wells.
All parts of the design as well as images or illustrations in this project stand under copyright protection and can not be used in any shape or form. ©
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